Election 2020


Agenda for a Better Kansas

1. Medicaid Expansion

2. Tax equity for all Kansans 

3. Strong support of public education 

4. Eliminate Dark Money PACs in Kansas

5. Strengthen rural broadband access

6. Confront global warming issues 

7. Preserve Kansas for future generations 


Ready to serve as your State Representative

A 4th generation family farmer who knows the issues facing rural Kansas, and one who can work across party lines to improve the lives of all Kansans


Strengthen the practice of Good Government in the Kansas Legislature.

We  need to end the dominance of large money interests in our states’ political system. As your representative, I will work to reduce the influence  of such interests, especially those who operate as “dark money“ political action committees. It is a matter of great urgency, one that will not only impact our state government, but also the future of Kansas. 


To The Stars, through Difficulties

We face great challenges in our local communities, and in our state. However, the spirit we have throughout the 13th District will enable us to overcome such challenges, and also help to make our state a better place to live. As your representative, I will always work on behalf of the district, and in the best interests of Kansas. 

We need your help, and financial support.

My campaign depends on small donations, and  volunteers who share the same vision for a better Kansas. Please join this effort so we CAN help make this vision a reality for the people of District 13, and for our beautiful state. 

Thank you! 

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